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Alcalá Oliva “Oleo” extra virgin olive oil is the best there has ever been. Harvested in Spain, from Alcalá’s own farms and within their network of over 1,000 farmers, Alcalá has mastered the fruits of their labor.
Natural and Pure
100% Extra Virgin Olive oil, pure and natural flavors, The collection period of the best olives, temperature and process times are three important fundamentals to achieve high quality olive oils.
Quality Olive Oil Taste
Mainly known for it’s mature fruitiness and balance, It’s intense and fruity enrich aroma flavor provides a balanced taste to any dish. Its maturity leaves behind hints of olive leaf and tomato green fruit with a touch of sweetness slightly spicy and bitter to the mouth.

Oleo’s packaging is offered in three different formats; glass, tin and plastic

Oleo “Classic” olive oil glass bottles & tin containers are available in various volumes (0,75L, 0,5L and 0,25L and in tin pack for 2.5L and 5L)
Oleo “Kitchen” olive oil plastic bottles are also available in various volumes (5L, 2L and 1L)

Alcalá Oliva is family owned and operated Spanish olive oil producer. Founded in 1954 by Santiago Pérez Anguita, Alcalá Oliva's mission is to provide it's consumers a high quality, healthy and natural olive oil offering. Alcalá Oliva is located in the province of Jaen (Andalusia) Spain, where it is rich in quality olive oil production. In the province of Jaen, an astonishing 20% of the world's olive oil is currently being produced.

The Alcalá Oliva landscape is made up of “ a sea of olive trees”, dominated by seemly endless cultivation lines, with more than 66 million olives trees. The entire olive oil production process is created at Alcalá Oliva's sole facility. Where signature products such as Oleo®, bottled olive oil and the revolutionary single-dose container we market under the brand "MINIOLIVA®". Alcalá Oliva continues to be strong and successful, determined to grow and develop in the competitive olive oil market.


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